Construction Materials & Prefabricated/
Modular Building Group


Renewable Energy Group


Siam Steel Group's first business operation began in 1953.

With more than 6 decades of experience in designing, manufacturing and distribution, Siam Steel Group expands its business into a wide range of industries, manufacturing high quality products with application of sophisticated production technology to supply for domestic and worldwide markets.

At present, Siam Steel Group stands as one of the leader of Thai industry involving in 6 major product categories ; Furniture Group, Construction Materials & Prefabricated/Modular Building Group, Renewable Energy Group, Industrial Goods Group, Vehicle Group and Service Group.

Furniture Group

  • Cabinets, Lockers and Combine Furniture System
  • Desks & Tables
  • Chairs
  • Partitions
  • Safes
  • Shelving System
  • Others such as Stadium Seatings

Construction Materials & Prefabricated/Modular Building Group

  • Prefabricated Building / Modular Building
  • Bathroom Pods
  • Smart Wall System
  • Steel Structure Solutions
  • Parts & Components for Buildings
  • Civil products, such as deck plate, guard rail, lighting pole, noise barrier and all kinds of steel structure, etc.
  • Steel service center and elementary steel parts making for various industries
  • Steel conduit pipe, fitting and accessories, PVC lined steel water-pipe, black steel pipe, galvanized steel water-pipe

Renewable Energy Group

  • Solar Farm
  • Solar Rooftop
  • Biomass Energy
  • Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), Waste to Energy
  • Palm Kernel Shell (PKS), Wood Pellet
  • Wind Farm

Industrial Goods Group

  • Flood Protection Panel & Related Products
  • Decorative Laminated Sheet
  • Honeycomb Core, Paper Pallet, Paper Cushion

Vehicle Group

  • Parts & Components for automobile and motorcycle

Service Group

  • Rental & Services of Mobile Toilet & Unit House